Founded (according to legend) by Romulus and Remus, on April 21 753 BC, the city is situated on the banks of the river Tiber. Historically the area was developed on the famous seven hills: Aventino, Palatino, Esquilino, Viminale, Quirinale, Celio e Campidoglio.
But there are other important hills in the city, as famous as the Gianicolo, Monte Mario, Monteverde, Pincio and Montesacro.

IOver the last few decades, the Roman suburbs have grown and still continue to grow, for example the Euro district, built by Mussolini in the Fascist period as the Universal Exposition of Rob, is no longer considered a suburb, because of the development of neighbouring districts.

Rome is the most populated city in Italy and the fourth in Europe after London, Berlin and Madrid.
Different symbols and monuments are linked to this eternal city including: the Colosseum, the acronym SPQR (meaning the relationship between Senate and People) which is still the emblem of the city; the Capitoline Wolf, a bronze sculpture of a she-wolf suckling twin infants, Romolus and Remus, the famous Vatican City (the symbol of Christianity) and many more.

…You won’t see anything in the world bigger than Rome… Carmen Secularae,Oratio